Wedding Hire

Weddings have changed over the years, gone are the weddings where the only car acceptable was a white Rolls Royce. People now expect something a little different, more personalised and interesting. So in light of this we are now able to offer two different experiences.

Option 1: Chauffeur Driven
Why not turn up in style to your wedding in a classic car to make that special day even more memorable. We can provide a professional, courteous and helpful driver – not only will they drive you where you wish but they will help you set up the car for those special photo shoots all as part of the service.

Option 2: Self-drive Hire
Classic Car Self-drive Hire. Our idea is you can drive the Classic Car yourself or have one of your friends who would be more than happy to be the Chauffeur for the day. Often it allows people to feel more involved in the event and makes it that little bit special.