Something blue… This is a classic from 1966. It is the closest that Mercedes would get to the style of American cars with their huge fins in that era.

Although a heavy car it could be pretty nippy and notably came 1st 2nd and 3rd in the Monty Carlo Rally just after its introduction to the world.

Not a bad choice of car when one considers that this was the first car which was extensively crash tested to ensure that the passenger compartment remained undamaged. In the event of an accident the front and rear of the vehicle were designed to act as crumple zones to help make sure the vehicle occupants remained safe.

Needless to say, that these two features alone make it the perfect wedding car. The bride can more than keep up with the traffic and rest assured it is in a car designed with a modern ethos with six seats. And its little fins are so cute…

Our example was originally owned by the head of the armed forces in Germany and was a regular visitor to the House of Lords.