About Us

We know what pleasure can be had from driving a classic car. With the sun shining brightly onto glistening paint and chrome, a burbling exhaust note and no need to rush to the next appointment, what could be more lovely than the countryside around Kent. If you are local, it is quite easy, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, not to notice what is around us every day. If you are holidaying locally then there is plenty of beautiful countryside hiding itself down the many lanes with which we are blessed. Even in the towns following traffic, usually an unpleasant place to find oneself, it is surprising how much pleasure can be felt seeing mums and dads walking past smiling as they recount the stories of “when I had one of those” to their children or grandchildren.

Driving a classic car is so different from seeing one in a field at a show. It really does give you a glimpse back into a simpler, less hurried time.